Monday, 4 March 2013

2D Crochet Cat Applique

 So I have a whole bunch of cat patterns and who knows who designed them... if anyone knows post please. These are all sooo cute! There are so many patterns so if you are crazy about cats you will be crazy about this post!

For these three, "Cecinatrix" wrote out written instructions for these three cats so this might be easier. :)

"Cecinatrix" wrote out the instructions for the next pattern for people who prefer that. Find them here :)

Ok so lastly I found this pattern being sold online and it's pretty cute by "Susanlinnstudio".



  1. Thank you for posting these together! I especially like your first yellow cat. It looks exquisite. I too wish you and I knew the creators of the patterns.

  2. the 1st cat is from a japanese site, i found it 4 years ago on a russian site and tracked it back. can't remember now the name but she's on facebook too.